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PICEI Connected These Free publications were designed to reach youth and adults with societal messages of diverse cultures.  All issues contain sections that address the following:

  Culture -  In each issue there is a very gentle introduction of languages not
   often spoken by the western population and some familiar ones as well.
*  News of cultural activities and events
*  News of achievement of Youth Members of PICEI
*  Games of diversity for the very young and young at heart
*  International recipes from our cookbook
*  Poems written by our members and friends

  Concerns  From the observations our members feel should be address to
   bring about a better understanding of a culture or the tone of a culture, we
   include in the issue an
*  Editorial message
*  Dedication page
*  Founder's message and
*  Societal enlightenment by the general public

The International Cookbook was just another way to introduce the community to various cultures.  Since we all enjoy eating, Patrica Bova, thought , why not have the communities put a book together that all the community could take an active part in?  We put feelers out and the answer came back with a resounding, yes. The youth branch of PICEI at the Salmon River Central Schools in Fort Covington, New York designed the art work of the cookbook.  Jaime Bova, Debbie Dunn, Justin Moulton, Courtlan Green, and Jennifer Holden did the research with the help of some of its most active adult members, Patricia Bova, Donna Ensign, Patricia Musenta, Florence Patterson, and Donna Riley. The Cover's design was selected from the Senior Art Class of the school.
The Artist of this cover is Tracy Gray with other students designing the dividers.
The layout of the cookbook is separated by the continents of the  world instead of a picture of  food dishes, beginning with Africa.  This cookbook for more than one reason is a true Collectable. 

For those who may be interested and love to cook, a very limited amount of the first edition can be purchased at a slightly higher price than they originally sold for.  Interested parties, please leave message in the "Guest Book"

Thank You!


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$15.00  plus shipping and handling


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